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Pattern For Yemen

Amelia Graham-Mercuriali


Pattern for Yemen is an initiative by A Friend of Mine (@afriendofminedesignstudio) and The Souvenir Society (@thesouvenirsociety) enlisting 15 local and international artists to help raise funds for the crisis in Yemen, one of the largest humanitarian issues facing the global community.
The U.N. estimates that more than 22 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance in Yemen and of those, as many as 8 million children under the age of 5 are acutely malnourished and cholera is rampant.
Artists' pieces, including mine will be printed onto furoshikis and made into framed pieces by United Editions, which will be sold online & at an opening exhibition. All proceeds will go directly to humanitarian aid in Yemen. Please take a look at their page- @patternforyemen

For a full list of contributing artists please see below, I am in very good company-

Ronan Bouroullec 

Nathalie Du Pasquier 

Atelier Bingo 

Marcus James 

Wang & Söderström 

Bec Smith 

Rhonda Drakeford 

Karan Singh 

Michael Wall 

Andy Murray 

Anna Kövesces 

Elke Kramer 

ALL Knitwear 

Tin & Ed 

Amelia Graham

On the opening night of the exhibition, the hilarious Andy Murray will grab his gavel and play auctioneer to find a home for the one-of-a-kind art cloths, framed expertly by United Measures.

Opening Night
Friday 5 October 2018 6pm

Exhibition Dates
Friday 5 to Sunday 7 October 18

James Makin Gallery
67 Cambridge Street, Collingwood Victoria 3066

Or available to buy online at

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