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The Habitat Brighton Art Project

Amelia Graham-Mercuriali

Known as one of the most vibrant, colourful and creative cities in Europe, and home to Habitat’s new flagship store, where better to host the Art Project Competition than Brighton? It is also my home town, and I have made it onto the shortlist!


Over the last few months, artists and creatives have been submitting their Brighton-inspired artworks for the chance to create their own exclusive, limited edition Habitat product. Habitat have whittled them down to 12 – now you can decide by voting here

Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 10.00.11.png

My 1981 print has made the shortlist.


Voting closes late August! Thanks for your support, I would love to win!

The Liberty Book

Amelia Graham-Mercuriali

I was honoured to be included The Liberty Book – a brand-new, collectable bi-annual publication from Liberty London.

Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 10.30.07.png

Packed with insightful features, interviews and artworks that speak to the Liberty heritage and celebrate the established designers, new talents and creative community who make up this heritage brand.


Having worked here when I first went freelance (to supplement my income) It feels quite heady to have gone from the shop floor to the pages of this tome.


The cover features a classic Liberty Paisley and beautiful foiled lettering.


The team at Liberty featured one of my Scarf designs, which is available exclusively here

The Liberty Book can be found in store and online for Spring Summer 2019

Mid-century modern in Rio de Janeiro

Amelia Graham-Mercuriali

So proud to present this wonderful collaboration with Jean Michel Ruis, interior designer and proprietor of the sublime Mama Ruisa, a boutique Hotel situated in Santa Teresa in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Jean Michel reimagined this Beautiful Mid-century chair designed by Geraldo de Barros in the 1973 print, in bottle green and dusky pink. The fabric is printed to order in the UK on heavy weight cotton canvas.


A beautiful arm chair and settee are also available for exclusive sale on the Open Day 15th February 11-7pm, R. Santa Cristina, 132 - Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 20241-250, Brazil


Choose Love

Amelia Graham-Mercuriali

Amelia Graham X Print Club London X Katharine Hamnett


Over the past year the team at Print Club London and Help Refugees have been curating works by some amazing artists.

Each artist has made their mark on Katharine Hamnett's iconic 'CHOOSE LOVE' slogan to produce limited edition art pieces.

The art work is then sold with all proceeds going directly to Help Refugees.

Katharine E. Hamnett CBE is an English fashion designer best known for her political t-shirts ... in 1984 Hamnett met with then-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher wearing her own t-shirt with the slogan "58% DON'T WANT PERSHING”

Katharine E. Hamnett CBE is an English fashion designer best known for her political t-shirts ... in 1984 Hamnett met with then-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher wearing her own t-shirt with the slogan "58% DON'T WANT PERSHING”

I was delighted to be invited to design a print for the project and hopefully raise some much needed money for Help Refugees

I created a digital gicleé that was then hand finished with rose gold leaf in Print Club London’s East London Studio.

For details of the process , please take a look at the photos below-

The Giclée print before the rose gold foil is applied.

The foil being applied to screen printed glue, with a paint brush.

The foil being applied to screen printed glue, with a paint brush.

Detail of the finished print.

Detail of the finished print.

  • Limited Editon of One.

  • This piece is framed in either a black white or oak box frame.

  • Please contact to confirm your desired framing colour.

Amelia Graham X Zig Zag Zurich

Amelia Graham-Mercuriali


The AG 1973 print forms part of the line for Zig Zag Zurich, a design lead fine quality bedding company based in Switzerland, produced in Italy and designed world wide by a collective of Artists.

I produced a new exclusive colour way for 2018, and having the pleasure to have slept in these sheets myself can testify the quality is on par!


Read a little about their ethos here-

“ZigZagZurich was born in 2013 in Switzerland. Our fundamental interest in off–stream and our passion for design and quality in textiles was the basis from which we started on our journey to bring unique home textiles that represent artistic qualities combined with high quality materials.

By controlling the chain of supply from raw materials to finished goods, we are able to offer locally manufactured products that use the finest materials and finishes. Our main production in Italy mean we have direct control over what we produce, how it is produced and under what social and environmental conditions our goods are manufactured. We use the finest Egyptian Italian cottons and European linens to produce our textiles from in a range of weaves. Our yarn dyed textiles are coloured before they are woven given an incredible depth of colour. We weave our New Zealand and Alpaca Wools in small sustainable mills. Our bed linens and textiles are hand finished, using artisan levels of confection and finishing, normally found on products costing two or three times more”

Check them out!


Amelia Graham at CULT VISION

Amelia Graham-Mercuriali

Amelia Graham X Cult Vision Collab:

The most recent installation at Cult Vision, an artisan eye-wear store in the City of London, brings together a series of six bespoke giclée prints, designed by Amelia Graham in collaboration with Cult Vision for AW18.

This is the second collaboration between the two; Amelia Graham recently designed three unique, limited edition lens cloths in her signature geometric designs, launched at Cult Vision during the Clerkenwell Design Week Fringe Festival.

Amelia Grahams’ textile designs are playful takes on geometric and arithmetic form and draws on her interest in architecture - looking to Brutalism, and Modernism for formal elements, but also taking cues from the African Textiles of East London, and the playful use of colour and dynamic form prevalent in postmodernist art.

All the installation images can be made to order here

Or by emailing

The installation will run until January 2019.

cultvision5 copy.jpg

Pattern For Yemen

Amelia Graham-Mercuriali


Pattern for Yemen is an initiative by A Friend of Mine (@afriendofminedesignstudio) and The Souvenir Society (@thesouvenirsociety) enlisting 15 local and international artists to help raise funds for the crisis in Yemen, one of the largest humanitarian issues facing the global community.
The U.N. estimates that more than 22 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance in Yemen and of those, as many as 8 million children under the age of 5 are acutely malnourished and cholera is rampant.
Artists' pieces, including mine will be printed onto furoshikis and made into framed pieces by United Editions, which will be sold online & at an opening exhibition. All proceeds will go directly to humanitarian aid in Yemen. Please take a look at their page- @patternforyemen

For a full list of contributing artists please see below, I am in very good company-

Ronan Bouroullec 

Nathalie Du Pasquier 

Atelier Bingo 

Marcus James 

Wang & Söderström 

Bec Smith 

Rhonda Drakeford 

Karan Singh 

Michael Wall 

Andy Murray 

Anna Kövesces 

Elke Kramer 

ALL Knitwear 

Tin & Ed 

Amelia Graham

On the opening night of the exhibition, the hilarious Andy Murray will grab his gavel and play auctioneer to find a home for the one-of-a-kind art cloths, framed expertly by United Measures.

Opening Night
Friday 5 October 2018 6pm

Exhibition Dates
Friday 5 to Sunday 7 October 18

James Makin Gallery
67 Cambridge Street, Collingwood Victoria 3066

Or available to buy online at

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 20.04.29.png

Amelia Graham Vs Basil Bangs

Amelia Graham-Mercuriali


My Collection with Basil Bangs dropped last Summer but it continues to be a sell out across their standout collection of Beach Parasols, Love Rugs, Bags and table ware. With the Aussie Summer looming it seemed time to revisit what was one of my favourite projects to date by posting the Q&A published at the launch…..

With thanks to Krista and Mike (you bang!)

We’re wondering if we’ve met London-based textile artist and our new artist collaborator Amelia Graham in a past life. Known for their geometric patterns and bold colours, her prints take their cues from modernist architecture, African textiles and post modern art…all the things we adore ourselves. Perhaps its this mishmash that resonated so strongly with us when dreaming of working with Amelia. Seriously, the girl was on BOTH of our “I’d love to work with….” lists.

In a really lovely turn of events, it seems that the feeling was mutual and rather serendipitously our emails crossed in space asking each other out for a ‘collaboration date’. We totally dig Amelia’s vibe so to work together has been a real treat!

To celebrate our new print 1964, we joined Amelia Graham to delve a little bit deeper…


Each of your designs is named after a year. That’s pretty specific! Are you thinking about events or people when you’re looking for inspiration or does the design come to you first?

Classifying them by decade was a way to group them according to look and the inspiration behind them. They have nods to époques or genres without being wholly referential to them. I hope they have an essence of a particular time, interpreted in a contemporary manner. The 70s series for example took its cue from Brutalist architecture and Optical Art.

Tell us about ‘1964’. We’re thinking it’s a little bit tribal, a little bit Mad Men. What were you doing around the time you were working on this print?

Absolutely! Come to think of it I probably was watching Mad Men at the time. I wasn’t conscious of my design being influenced by that, sometimes it takes an outsider to make such an observation! The costume design on Mad Men is so on point, so evocative of the mood of the characters … Yes it’s definitely 60s psychedelia meets Dutch Wax Print, with nods to other ethnic print genres.

If you were working around that time who would you most have liked to collaborate with?

Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier were both still around in the 60s, although I’m not sure their purist sensibilities would have allowed for such a riot of pattern! Luis Barragan created the Cuadra San Cristóbal equestrian estate in ’68 – the colour and light!

You’re interested in modern architecture and seeing your work in new applications. We’re thrilled to be working with you on our umbrellas and Love Rugs. What made you want to work with two crazy Aussies?

I love the ethos of the brand: artistically driven and collaborative design married with innovative and functional craftsmanship. The result is a product that is beautiful and considered but also goes the distance. You’ve been consummate professionals and have such good energy, it’s been a pleasure to team up with you!

Ed note: naaw, shucks. We’re pretty chuffed too!

As well as developing your own textile label, you’ve done a lot of commissions for the fashion industry. How does the briefing process work when you’re commissioned to create a print for fashion? Are you given a colour scheme? Mood? Theme? Or is it all up to you?!

The starting point is normally the season, sometimes the client will have strong ideas about what they are looking for but more often they choose one of my existing prints as a starting point and we work on creating something unique for them with my handwriting. Colour follows, as does scale, and placement.

You’ve said in the past that textile designers are sometimes the ghost-artists of the industry. They’re used to seeing their prints in magazines but the kudos goes to the fashion designer. Is there a certain amount of creative freedom that comes with the territory?

Yes absolutely! There is freedom in creating without a brief for off the peg designs, I can work organically and create something without perimeters, so in that sense it is a truly artistic process.

You’re working with young children at home. What could you absolutely not live without?

The answer is in the question- them!

Do the kids ever have input into your design process? What’s been the best/ most interesting reaction to something you’ve created?

My four-year-old recently put in an order for a cushion, which was a combination of two prints he chose himself, and it really worked – an amazing bit of pattern clashing right there!

What’s been your favourite medium/ piece to showcase one of your designs?

Designing a rug for the W hotel was pretty cool, as was the fine art pieces for the Marina Bay Sands- these were large scale prints embroidered by my partner Ellie Mac who I work with under the guise of EvA (Ellie Vs Amelia) I love collaborating with her, it’s such a creative process.

If you’re heading out of London for a weekend at the beach, where do you go?

I’m a Brighton girl, so it could only be there!

What’s on your summer play list/ reading list for the road?

Submission, by Houellebecq … BBC 6 music…

Do you have a favourite sunny spot for a long Sunny lunch?

St Teresa in Rio… or more locally Hampstead Heath with its rolling pastures, wild woodland and panoramic views of London.

Whose work are you feeling inspired by right now?

I love the paintings of Ester Stewart, Andrew Kuo and Santtu Mustonen.

Do you have any advice for other designers out there?

Be true to your own design aesthetic, authenticity is key.

A few years from now, where else would you like to see Amelia Graham prints?

In the future I would love to work with architects creating large scale works for modern interiors or exteriors.

And finally – your WWF name? 

Ha ha! No idea.. The Geometric Kid?!


Shop the Amelia Graham x Basil Bangs Collection

A M E L I A G R A H A M + Ninja Tunes x Independent Music Cup x YUAF

Amelia Graham-Mercuriali

Luke Wren an AR man at Ninja Tunes approached me to design the Football Kit for the annual Independent Music Cup in London. Inspired by the awesome Nigerian National Kit and the host of patterned shirts prevalent in the 80's, Luke was keen to create a standout strip to set Ninja Tunes aside from the other participating Music Industry Teams, and to raise money for the Young Urban Arts Foundation – a charity dedicated to helping disadvantaged kids get in to the creative arts. 

I was invited to Ninja Tunes HQ to host a designing session with 4 young women, who at 16 years of age had already encountered more hardship than most of us experience in a life time. Coming from deprived and tricky situations,  they had little formal education, but a bucket load of ideas. We worked closely together to design two strips, which were then printed locally in London. 

It was my first mentoring experience, and although challenging at times, was well worth it in terms of the feedback we got from the girl's Social Worker-

‘Ninja Tune was amazing this was a massive massive massive thing for the girls to be there today.  They came back to the school with the biggest smiles on their faces I’ve never seen them smile like that. So thank you for the opportunity - let ninja tune and Amelia know that that was life changing for them. Even though they were just in the building for an hour that completely transformed a lot for them. So thank you" 

We also helped to raise over 6k for the charity.

So it turned out the kit didn't bring Ninja Tunes enough luck to win on the day, that honour went to another team! See the kits in action on the day, including D & B legend Mampi Swift in action for the YUAF, and the working mock ups as we designed them on the day below.....

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 16.20.04.png
yuaf_football_shirt 2.png
ninja_football_shirt 2.png

Juvia's Place

Amelia Graham-Mercuriali

For Spring Summer 2018, I had the honour of creating the print designs for the highly regarded Juvia's Place. I was approached by founder Chichi Eburu, and we worked closely together to create a series of prints which adorn the packaging and form a back drop to the editorial campaign. It was an honour to work with a super team of creatives!

Photography - Marcelo Cantu,  Make up - It's Hot Chick, Model- Balangnyal


Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 15.45.50.png
Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 15.57.14.png